Instead of throwing out our old clothes, we can make use of them by turning them into new trendy outfit pieces that will spice up our wardrobes.

1- Beads

Sew in some beads to the collar of your button down shirt or add them to the sleeves of your T-shirt. It will give an old fave a new flare and give you a unique style!


2- Scissors

Take your handiest pair of scissors and slice through your old T-shirt. You can make tank tops or even crop tops and have a bunch of new styles to add to your closet without leaving your home!


3- Prints

Get a few paint colors and cut out a a stencil of whatever shape you need and dab it on the piece of clothes you wanna pimp out. This will allow you to create your own pattern with your own shapes!


4- CD’s

The reflective nature of CDs still has its benefits even if you no longer use them through a computer. Cut up a CD and superglue it to your collar. This will give a modern metallic twist to the outfit!


5- Safety Pins 

One of the simplest ways to change up your clothes and add bling is to accessorize it with safety pins. This is a very different style that you won’t see often and is pretty easy to do!


The best thing is to be able to create new looks from the comfort of your own home and then show them off to the world being able to say “I made this“!