We all know how damaging chemicals and the lack of unnatural ingredients can be for our skin and face. Why not move toward a natural alternative instead? The best solution is to make your own home product. It’s a great way to avoid applying chemicals on your skin and saving extra cash. You have much more control over what is coming in contact with your skin. Also, they are so easy many of these facial cleansers do not need any mixing or measuring at all. In your summer holiday, weekend or just around Eid, take some time to pamper yourself and your body by using these homemade facial cleansers.

  1. Honey Facial c885ab5b8fa5ab26215d5c28c7165242

Honey is beneficial since it works as a natural hydrant. It provides a glow and shine to the face while also removing unnecessary dust. As it moisturizes, it makes the skin soft and smooth. This honey facial is on the top of our list because it is good for almost every skin-type. For dry skin, you can add a small amount of milk or cream with honey. For extremely oily skin, add honey with a small amount of lemon juice.

Also, if you want a natural scrubber, mix sugar with a small amount of  honey. It will cleanse the skin and provide extravagant glow. To start with, try leaving the mask on for fifteen minutes. You can vary the time as needed.

What’s even more surprising is for removal, all you need to do is to wash your face with warm water.


  1. Mango Facial

Mango is one of the most favored fruits this season and has multiple effects. Mango provides a deep cleanse and can work as a great toner. Mango rejuvenates the skin, makes it soft, and they say it slows down the signs of aging. For best results, apply a small amount of mango pulp then leave for fifteen to twenty minutes. Remove this facial with tepid water (2 part cold water and 1 part boiling water).


  1. Egg Yolk Facialfacial

Egg yolk is a great natural facial cleaner since egg whites helps with toning the skin and contains natural cleansing properties. This cleanser might not smell as sweet as the fruit and honey ones, but this raw cleanser is impressively productive. Apply the whole egg or just the egg yolk to cleanse your face. Leave for a half an hour, then wash your face with warm water after.


  1. Oranges Facial

A rich vitamin C fruit facial is known for the glow it provides. You can apply it in different ways by using the orange pulp, juice or peel that you have. They all have the same results. Leave for fifteen to twenty minutes, then afterwards simply wash your face with water.


  1. Cherries Facial

This cherry facial is perfect for the summer because it works well with irritated tanned skin or even tired looking skin. Cherries are a multi mineral and vitamin fruit, and they hydrate and nourish the skin well. Use 5 cherries for cherry pulp or juice and apply it on your skin. Leave for fifteen to twenty minutes, then wash your face and observe the effects.


Bonus Three Ingredient Cleanser – Baking Soda, Honey, & Jojoba Oil Facial

We all know that baking soda is a great cleanser and exfoliater. A simple facial cleanser is adding 1 large spoon of jojoba oil with – 2 large spoons of honey and a large spoon of baking soda and apply it to your face for about fifteen minutes before washing off. Use it every day for a week and see the difference.


Remember, these home made facial cleansers work best when you use them regularly. Observe what works best for your skin type.