What could be more exciting about summer than having a glamorous bag collection to slay every single occasion? Whether you’re heading to the beach, going for a chill outing, late night summer party or a classic wedding, make sure we’ve got you covered with some of the best Egyptian brands for a rocking bag collection!



The uniqueness of this brand lies in their choice for supporting the environment. They simply advocate the use of eco-friendly materials through developed techniques to upcycle plastic bags, merging between sustainable practical products and catchy designs.

Up-Fuse’s designs are so full of life! Their flashy colors will boost any everyday casual outfit you decide to show up with, and most importantly, they’re handmade!



Offering the trendiest designs for this summer, Palma’s bags provide you with the ultimate collection you might need to embrace every single look. A wide collection of stylish bags varying from adorable cross-bags to backpacks, waist bags and in vogue laptop covers that you’ll definitely need as well!



This would absolutely be the beach tote of your dreams! With their outstanding straw bags collection, Seashell should be the first Egyptian brand to hit your mind when hearing “beach bag”. Their designs are quite simple for any beach-hitting outfit and well-sized to fit all your needs for a boiling sunny day.



You’ve most probably heard about Okhtein if you’re so into Egyptian latest brands! The two sisters managed to make their brand stand for itself and compete with international sophisticated ones. Offering an elegant classic collection of mini bags inspired by cultural roots and oriental ambiance, they would definitely be your first go-to whether it’s a flashy or classic summer night occasion. Queen Bee, Beyonce agrees too!


Nevin Altmann

Handmade embroidered designs can’t be disregarded for a simple yet trendy outfit. Nevin Altmann’s collection is perfectly handmade with all the beautiful details and final touches. A fine collection you’ll surely need for a fine summer outing.


Whether you’re into flamboyant or simple bags, these Egyptian brands were especially made for you!