Egyptian Horror to Comedies

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve mentioned before that we have a lot of movies and characters that were misunderstood either in story or personal motivations, among others.

So, the fact that we’ve decided to delve into this mini-investigation shouldn’t be a shocker for you. Yes, we’ve seen the light and realized that many of our comedies are actually pretty disturbing in hindsight. So disturbing, in fact, they can pass for legitimate horror/thrillers.

Yeah, you’re not buying it, are you? Well, allow us to demonstrate.

Hareem Kareem

Yes, we said it and we’re not backing out of this very valid point. Let’s, for one second, imagine ourselves in Gigi’s shoes. She walks in on a presumably-cheating husband and understandably doesn’t want to see that man ever again.

Instead of complying with her wishes or, you know, trying to talk to the woman’s mother and set up one confrontational meetup, Kareem decides to gather up his old girl gang from college so they can hunt down his ex-wife and tell her he didn’t cheat. They even go so far as to follow her across the country — who does that?

Harameya Fi Thailand

So, picture this. You’re in love with the Boy Next Door and his dangerous-but-not-really streak and all of a sudden, he gets your hints and wants to marry you.

Then, of course, you realize that he’s a literal criminal and married you as an easy get-out-of-country card, kind of basically abducting you. Then, good old Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and you’re fine with all of this.

This is literally Hanan’s journey in the entire film. If the lead wasn’t Karim Abdelaziz, this would be a cautionary tale.

Ba7ebak Wana Kaman

You’re probably noticing what we’re noticing. Mostafa Amar just can’t help himself when it comes unintentional horror, can he?

Allow us to explain — in this film, other than the ‘interesting’ love story with Somaya El-Khashab, the b-plot is that Mostafa Amar is being relentlessly stalked by Samir Spot in a way that’s funny in the movie but will be absolutely terrifying in real life.

3askar Fil Mo3askar

Before you protest this, think about it. Would it sound remotely funny to have to go to the army and discover there’s a decades-old blood-bet that has to result in you being a murderer or being killed?

No, we don’t think so. Being hunted down for sport never really crosses over to comedy well.


Say what you want about the cast and the script and the film, but what you can’t get wrong is that they didn’t leave you with an experience.

However, the sad part is that this experience left out the horror we had to put up with as viewers trying to pretend it was a comedy film. It just wasn’t.

Know another movie that belongs to this list? Tell us!