Leil Kharegy

Ahmed Abdullah’s Leil Kharegy starring Karim Kassem, Ahmed Malek and Mona Hala is one movie we’ve recommended for you guys more than once already. And honestly, you should watch it and especially now given the fact that you could easily stream it HD on Netflix!

Ward Masmoom

A new edition to Netflix’s streaming list is Mahmoud Hemida’s Ward Masmoom. A controversial story about a girl trying to save her (what we think is her husband) from illegal immigration; only to learn he’s actually her brother!

Sheikh Jackson

If you haven’t watched Amr Salama’s Sheikh Jackson yet, now is a good time. The movie, starring Ahmed El Fishawy, has been released for quite some time now and yet it remains relevant and entertaining!


Since we’re all stuck in quarantine, a nice horror movie for all the family to gather around probably seems like a good idea. Be careful though, this one is not for the faint-hearts!

Villa 69

Now this movie is a true hidden gem. It tackles the psychological side of the protagonist, Khaled Abu El Naga, who is terminally ill, and his relationship with his family.

Wait up for our recommendations of Egyptian series to watch on Netflix!