There’s no doubt that winter is a beautiful season, with its chilly weather and romantic atmosphere. And whether you are a summer person or a winter person; no one can deny that there’s a certain magic about winter.

Egyptian winter has its own unique flavor. A quite weird one at that!

1. When Rain Equals Panic!

Whenever it rains in Egypt, people seem to go on a state of panic for some reason. Even though it doesn’t really rain that hard here. The streets become flooded, traffic becomes torturous, people seem to have difficulty crossing the streets and everyone just freaks out!

It is just rain, people! Chill!

2. Each for His Own Season

At the beginning of winter, people seem to disagree on whether it is winter already or still summer. You could be walking down the street and see two people walking right beside each other; one in a raincoat and the other in a summer t-shirt. It is as if one is walking a tropical land, and the other in the North Pole.

You are on the same street, people. This just looks confusing!

3. Everyone is a Fashionista

For some odd reason, the majority of Egyptians seem to think that winter requires dressier clothes than the rest of the seasons, especially girls. With all the classy coats and high heel boots, you will feel like you are walking down a runway.

Rock those muddy streets, sister!

4. Winter’s Special Menu

One of the magical things about Egyptian winter, in particular, is the smell of winter food and drinks that fill the air once the weather starts getting chilly. From eating Hummus Sham while strolling down the Nile Corniche and lentil soup on a chilly afternoon to drinking Sa7lab or Cocoa while hanging out with your friends at a local coffee shop; Egyptians make sure they warm up from the inside out.

As yummy as it is warm!

5. The Winter Blues

If you are, in fact, single and proud, your pride might be affected during the winter by what is known as ‘the winter blues’. Once the weather gets colder, the loneliness starts kicking in. Suddenly everyone needs a hug! And all the cliches we get from romantic songs and movies; like holding hands and walking under the rain to borrowing your significant other’s jacket and all those ‘winter couples activities’ don’t make it any easier for single people to enjoy winter in peace.

Don’t despair, though! Winter is for everyone and we shall enjoy it solo!

As usual, Egypt always has a special flavor to everything. And winter is no different! So do you guys think there are more signs that set Egyptian winter apart from everywhere else? If you think we missed something, tell us in the comments!