Egyptian Songs
By Hala Majed

Since our timelines this week were basically monopolized with heavy discussions about Tameem Youness’s Salmonella and the perception that it cancels out consent [which is one of the causes we’re fighting for at the moment], we realized that there are other past hits that we, more often than not, jam to in concerts and whenever they come up on the radio – without thinking too much into the lyrics and noticing that they’re both sexist and somehow offensive.

1- El Ragel – Ramy Sabry

لما الراجل يتكلم الست ما تعندش معاه ماتقلوش حاضر في كلام تاني يوم تنساه

In this hit, Ramy Sabry specifies the roles and is basically “educating” women on how to be the best partners to their men and give them the best treatment, which, according to the singer, is through obeying fully and not disagreeing with anything. Hmm

2- Si Al Sayed -Tamer Hosny

ليكي الكلام ولأي واحدة تحاول تلغي الفرق ما بين الراجل وبين الست لأ يا حبيبتي فيه فرقين إصرارك على المقارنة ما بينا بيضيع من عيني أنوثتك

Despite the fact that this song became extremely popular due to Snoop Dog being featured in it, yet it portrays extreme sexism. Tamer does not only prioritize the position of men over women in society and showcase their unjustified rightfulness within the lyrics of the song, but he also claims that he wouldn’t perceive his lover as “feminine” or even “an actual woman” if she kept disregarding the “fact” that men are superior.

3-Wa7da Tania Khales – Donia Samir Ghanem

“انا بقيت بلبس على كيفه مبقولش لأ على حاجة بيعوزها والتعليمات بالحرف انفذها”

This time, it’s a woman undermining her own position and self-worth. In this song, Donia defines being in love by obeying her lover, wearing what he wants her to, and blindly following his instructions. Hello? Why did the woman’s personality suddenly vanish?

4- Ensay – Mohammed Ramadan & Saad Lamjarred

 “دي حاجة تجن تجن ليل نهار بتزن تزن أنا هرمي التليفون وأسيبها ترن ترن ترن

Do we even need to highlight how “too angry at women” this song is? Like, yes, we get that’s a breakup revenge song. But the lyrics are honestly too much in some parts.

5- Batalet El Aalam Fel Nakad – Tamer Hosny

مشكلتها بطلة العالم في النكد  ونمرة واحد في العقد شكاكة حاجة مش معقولة كل يوم زن زن زن زن ومبتسكتش والخناق فن فن فن حوارت مبتفصلش وفي التمثيل فنانة قديرة مبروك كسبتي معانا جايزة أحسن تكشيرة

It’s true that towards the end of the song, Tamer does highlight that despite all of that, he still loves her. Well, okay, but the stereotypical vibe that brushes over a “fact” – which is, according to the singer, women being talkative, feud-addicts, always initiating problems, is just a big no.

So there you have it! We just want to say that despite the fact that this falls under entertainment and the catchy reflex of tunes, lyrics and music in general, these songs do have a great impact on society as a whole.
Making and promoting songs and lyrics that undermine women (or men) in any way, could easily impact so many mindsets and basically stand in the way of any potential change.