We all know how in a matter of no time – like literally no time – TikTok went from being something kind of cringy and frowned upon to the coolest trend out there, right? Well, the lockdown definitely helped a lot too. So, let’s give you 5 Egyptian TikTokers you don’t want to miss right now!

Hussein Nassar

This guy needs to be on your follow list ASAP. His impressions of Mabrouk Atteya and his cutesy little videos with his wife and his twin will crack you up. Hussein Nassar is definitely one to watch!

Rola Khalil

She goes by the name @Rolaisundefined on TikTok and she is, by far, our favorite one. Rola is genuinely the funniest and the most relevant with the least amount of effort!

Omar is crazy!

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Homemade Oreos check 🤪😂

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He is crazy alright, but we sure like it. This 17-year-old basically presents one of the best content to ever come out of TikTok. His voice-over skills and always interesting recipes are pretty much unrivaled.

Farouk El Gohary

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Please think before you speak

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If you didn’t catch him on TikTok, you probably did on Twitter where he spikes a lot of controversies. But if we could all agree on one thing, it’s definitely his charisma and fun spirit and how he always has more to present!

Rima Rhwanji

There’s no chance you missed her videos in the past couple of weeks. Especially, where she lip syncs Samir Ghanem. Definitely worth checking out!

So, which one’s your favorite guys? And if we missed someone, please let us know!