There’s no denying that relationships are hard work. It is not easy finding the love of your life, but what’s even harder is reaching the ‘happily ever after‘ equation. It is not impossible though.

It took us quite a lot of searching but we did manage to find two people who have been HAPPILY married and in love for over 35 years!

We know! We couldn’t believe it either!

That’s why we took this chance to ask them for some tips on how to find happiness the same way they did; and that’s what they had to say:

1. Partnership

“We consider each other partners in EVERYTHING; that’s how we live our lives,” said the husband, then the wife added; “Once the couple realize that they’re partners not rivals, egos melt. And once that happens, it leaves room for important things like growing and evolving.”

That’s what the couple said when asked about the secret of their long term success. Then they looked at each other and smiled.

Oh, true love! 

2. Inner Peace

“You can’t love and accept someone else, if you don’t love and accept your own self! Inner peace is key to finding true happiness. It comes from within.” This is what the wife so eloquently said before she finished with a tip we could all benefit from “Love yourself, learn to live HAPPILY with yourself; only then you will learn to love and live happily with someone else.”

We are not crying, you are crying.. 

3. Shared Values

“If they have completely different values, they are bound to clash! They don’t have to be exactly the same, but they at least have to agree on the basics, like how they want to live, how they are going to raise their children, whether or not they want to have children. You know, the broad lines of their future together.”

This is what the husband said when we asked him about the most essential thing for him in the relationship. Some might disagree but the man knew how to make it work.

For that, our hats are off! 

4. Know How To Argue

“No one can avoid arguing, but you can master how to argue and make it work for you. When two people fight, they can’t think clearly. So never have an important conversation while fighting. You will say something you will most probably regret and make things worse. It is important to know when to talk and when to shut up! So pick your battles. And remember if you are going to make up anyways, do it now before any damage is done. Fight for each other, not against each other.”

We’ll be right back, we are just taking notes. 

5. Dedication

“This is not just for relationships. It applies to everything in life. If you put your heart into everything you do without waiting for anything in return, you will always feel rewarded. Don’t think I’m doing this for him, think I’m doing this because I love him. And it will make a world of difference.”

Oh, that’s what we were doing wrong! Okay… 

This is what two people who, against all odds, managed to keep the spark alive for almost 4 decades think we should all do to stay happily in love.

What about you? Do you have any magical secrets we can use to live happily ever after? Tell us in the comments!