Since the beginning of time, society’s decaying norms and traditions have been dictating us, females, what we should/shouldn’t discuss openly. There is no solid argument for why certain feminine topics are considered shameful, or unmentionable. The media, on the other hand, plays a critical role in shaping our opinions, thus affecting our actions. How women/femininity are portrayed in the media impacts how we view certain feminine issues. Here are some of the controversial topics society has made absolutely no sense stigmatizing females for:

1. Your Period 

As much as we hate getting our periods, menstruation is part of a woman’s reproductive cycle. You shouldn’t feel reserved when referring to your body’s natural cycle just because society has categorized it as a hush hush topic._86780933_period

2. Shaving/Waxing

Women are not born with hair-free smooth skin. It takes hours of agonizing hair removal to look so flawless! If anything we should be proud of, is ourselves for enduring threading, waxing and shaving to maintain our baby soft skin!


3. Cellulite/Stretch Marks

Ninety percent of women have cellulite. It usually starts appearing around the age of 25 to 35, or even before, during puberty/ growth spurts. Yes, they suck but it’s common/normal. Let go of the shamefulness, and start embracing your bodies!images-11

4. Your Sexuality 

The biggest taboo of all taboos in Egypt: sex! It’s like women are not expected to have sexual drives, and again, it’s part of human nature! Don’t feel embarrassed to openly discuss your sexuality, at least with your friends!tumblr_lo7knuMUOY1qfzye4

5. Girly Things

As a female you’ve probably been told a hundred times “Stop being such a girl!” Well, Umm…I am a girl? Watch chick flicks when you want, cry in movies, go shopping for hours, again if you want to, or don’t. Don’t let the fear of being called “a girly girl” toughen you up. There’s nothing wrong with being a girl; don’t hide your feminine side for anyone!635914979231623007-1230178262_6d52b349-c289-4d90-8470-97718cf100d3

One last tip that goes for everyone both males and females: Never do anything you don’t want to just because you think it’s expected of you!