Come on…We all want to be different, stand out and turn heads as we walk into a place, so breaking a fashion rule or two may be enticing sometimes. We totally agree but be careful, a funky idea in your head may look head may look hideous in real life…want proof? Lady Gaga. So to avoid confusion, embarrassment and may be humiliation, here are 5 fashion-faux pas that you would wanna to avoid as long as you live.

1- Skinny heels with shorts is a bad idea…other than the fact you are showing to much skin, there is a misbalance in that equation. Instead opt for platforms and a mini skirt or wide pants with thin stilettos.   

2- Wearing one designer from head to toe; other than the fact that this would look like puke, it is like making yourself a walking billboard or a hanger for whichever brand you are wearing. Fashion is about mixing and matching…explore.

3- Wearing clothes that ALMOST fit but don’t is a major faux pas; wearing pants that reflects the creases of your body, the cellulite on your butt or a top that highlights your bellybutton or the clasp of our bra is simply ugly and vulgar.

4- Stained, torn or grime clothes are a turn off; yeas grunge is in and cool of course but being filthy is something else…maintain your wardrobe and you will look more slick and your clothes will last longer.

5- Wearing shoes and clothes that don’t let you move is simply stupid. if your clothes hinder your life, they’re not worth it. No one wants to sit on the sidelines, even for the sake of a pretty outfit.


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