So if you’ve forgone getting your beach body ready, you probably feel like you need to sink your teeth into something while getting your footsies wet on the beach. You probably have had to bring, order or eat food at the beach. And as you know that might not be an easy task. You can’t bring just about anything with you! So without further ado, here are all the disaster foods you should never eat at the beach:

1. Salad

This is pretty obvious, but a salad is probably the worst thing to eat by the beach because it gets pretty windy so there will be lettuce, and Caesar salad dressing flying everywhere. If you want to avoid that, opt for a salad that won’t have anything that’s likely to be airborne like potatoes!url

2. Chicken, steak etc.

Unless you’re sitting at a proper table, roughing it by the little table next to your chaise lounge with a ribeye steak is not going to be a pleasant experience at all!ronmeat

3. Noodles, spaghetti etc.

The beach is windy. If you’re prepared for a full blown disaster with your noodle strands flying everywhere, then go for it!Noodles

4. Ice-cream, wafflesticks and anything good on a stick really

A lot of our hangups with foods on the beach will have to do with windy weather. If you’ve ever tried eating ice-cream on a windy day at the beach without having your hair tied back, then you’ll understand why this isn’t an option. Also the ice cream tends to melt super quickly! Or gets blown off the cone altogether and we’re just not ready for that kind of disappointment.melting-ice-cream

5. Anything sauce related

Sauces are just plain messy and an invitation to something saucy on your all too pretty swimsuit. Best to avoid them!43180fe0-bcaa-0133-7262-0e438b3b98d1.jpg

At this point, we’re just going to stick to the ever reliable finger foods.