Claps of 3abla Kamel

We, Egyptians, are known for our good humor. Alongside with that, comes very funny and random clapping that we do when in certain situations. There are some claps that we all commonly do and then there’s the other kind of claps that we cannot control by others or even understand; yet they’re funny to an extent.

Below you will find a list of the funniest situations that we clap at.

1. Intimate movie moments kind of claps

 Whenever we’re watching a romantic movie and an intimate scene is playing, we always hear giggles and people clapping. It’s like a victory moment! or more like “Shaga3 el le3ba el 7elwa” kind of moment.

2. Claps at the end of the movies

That one, I don’t understand honestly. As soon as the movie is over and credits start rolling down, claps just drown the entire place! At some point i’m not even sure whether they’re clapping because it was such a bad movie and it’s finally over or is it a good one.

3. Airplane landing claps

Tell me a single landing that didn’t include Egyptians clapping and i’ll cross my fingers for it. It’s like “let’s give that pilot a good clap for keeping us alive (kneels down to kiss the floor) ” kind of moment.

4. Retarded seal claps

Don’t we all have our moments, and just laugh so hard while clapping like retarded seals either during a movie or over something? It’s even funnier and more difficult when we try to explain what’s behind that.

5. Too shy to dance claps

We all know and can relate to that one shy person at the beginning of any wedding event. We just stand there and do the clapping dance to avoid dance-shyness. God knows what comes after this clap! “Sebni ya 3atchef”

Some people might get annoyed from clappers, but at the end of the day, we gotta admit it, it’s what makes us stand out.