In times like these, it could get pretty boring for all of us self-isolating at home. So, how about a little escapism?

And what’s a better escapism than a list of all the good chick flicks, also known as Gal-Pals movies, as soothing content? Look no further, here are the latest gal-pal movies to keep you entertained!

Someone Great

Although it’s new, it instantly became a favorite. Someone Great is a girl-power movie, yes, but it also tells the story of a heart-aching breakup. So, watch out for the cry-fest!

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe

Two cute childhood besties have a fight and grew apart. Only to reunite as adults and notice a growing spark between them. Will it work with all their differences and wild lifestyles? Find out for yourself!

Girls Trip

A movie starring Queen Latifah and Jada Smith about 4 besties who decide to drop out of adult life for one trip to the past. We know this movie will probably give you travel fever but please DON’T!

Set It Up

A casual mix-up, two employees agree to help their bosses find love and they end up falling in love themselves. Classic, right?


Not many people know about this movie, but it’s here and it’s AMAZING. A girl makes the mistake of taking her two besties on a business trip and all hell breaks loose!

Great music, hot fashion, and girls doing nothing but eating and talking about heartfelt subjects, just what we all need, right?