Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes we enjoy certain things in life even though we shouldn’t. We try to pretend we don’t, but we secretly do. These guilty pleasures can be so shameful sometimes that we have to lie about enjoying them. So we think we are the only ones that enjoy them when, in fact, some of these guilty pleasures are more common than we think.

This is why we’ve made up a list for you of some of the most common guilty pleasures that we all secretly enjoy. To let you know that you are not alone in this!

1. Watching Someone Fall

As awful as it is to admit it, and hard as we try to hide it, there’s something strangely hilarious about watching someone fall! It is not that we don’t sympathize, we do! However, witnessing the process of someone stumbling down brings the evil part in us.

We are sorry to say it, but we are almost always laughing inside, or outside!

2. Watching Fifi Abdo’s Snapchat

Okay, come on now! Try to pretend you don’t like her all you want, but we all know you can’t help but smile the second you see her. Her infectious positivity and out-of-this-world confidence have the ability to lift up your mood no matter how down you are!

Guilty Pleasures

We swear we love you, Foffa! 5 Emwaaah :* 

3. Eating Free Food Even If It’s Bad

Free food is one of the best things that can happen in life. But what do you do when it’s bad? Well actually, something very common between us humans is that the joy of eating free food on its own -even if bad- can sometimes make us enjoy it just as well. I mean it is still food and it is free! So you gotta sympathize!

Guilty Pleasures

Sorry, not sorry… 

4. Following Mortada Mansour

Okay, you might not agree with everything he says, or well, anything really, but odds are you probably secretly follow him. You probably even enjoy watching him bash people and threaten them with all the CDs he’s got on them. And of course, there are the oh so popular Mortada Mansour memes that can sometimes describe our lives better than we can.

Watch out! 

5. Watching people fight

Not being super evil or anything but there’s something hypnotizing about people fighting. For some odd reason, when we see people fighting we can’t look away. We don’t necessarily enjoy it but we will, however, bend over backward to get a peak of the action.


Guilty Pleasures

We can’t explain, we just do it! 

If you do secretly enjoy any of those guilty pleasures, rest assured, you are not alone! And if you have any more secret joys to add to the list, tell us in the comments!

Don’t worry, we can keep a secret.