If you are a wash and go girl, don’t go for a high maintenance hair cut that involves blow-drying.

Avoid any DIY crazy ideas; if your hair crew out of its latest cut head to the hair dresser and cut it again…any after shower experiments with the scissors can be fatal…to your social life.

Don’t lie to your hairdresser about your hair color, whether it is natural or dyed, you need to be accurate about any chemicals that have been used on your hair before especially when going for a new color…be careful, or the result to your white lie can be catastrophic.

“Do whatever you want” is the sentence you need to forget before stepping into a hair salon, most probable whatever he or she wants will end up hideous. Have a hair style or a specific do in mind before opting for your beauty visit.

Never go for a much lighter color than your original one if you know you can’t commit to regular rout touch-ups. The half inch black or dark brown patch on top of your head is a humans’ repellent.

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