A very sincere deep TED Talk that you must watch if you are interested in fashion, women issues or the ongoing discussion about body image in this industry. 

1- Looks aren’t everything.. Believe me I’m a model
Image is powerful but image is also superficial.
In this picture what is shown is very deceiving because I  never had a real boyfriend before and I wasn’t feeling really comfortable when the photographer told me to put my hands on his hair.

cameron russel 1

2- We must distinguish beauty and attractiveness. 
In the last few years we haven’t defined beauty not just  as health, youth and symmetry but also as tall slender figures and femininity and also white skin. Beauty is rare but attractiveness is an interpersonal experience and can be achieved by everyone.

cameron russel 2

3-When people ask me  “Can I be a model when I grow up?”  I tell them: No!
Why be a model when you can be the president of the United States.
Being a model isn’t a career path.

cameron russel 3


4- When I get asked do they retouch all the photos? Yes, they do but that’s a small component of what they do.
These pictures are not pictures of me they are constructions by professionals:hairstylists-makeup artists-photographers-stylists -all their assistants,pre-production and post-production and they build me that’s not me.

cameron russel 4


cameron russel 4 again


5-Thinner thighs and shinier hair wont make you happier.
Sometimes they make you feel insecure.
This picture was taken for me before I even got my period and the one with my grandmother this was how I really looked like weeks before.

cameron russel 5