5 Iconic Egyptian TV Show Scenes

As professional TV watchers, we know that there are a few show rules out there. Everyone’s in love with the hero, someone’s always out for revenge, and a watermelon cart is always bound to get ruined.

Here’s something else that we do know. There are some scenes that we just can’t forget. Sometimes it’s because we can’t even if we want to but other times, it’s simply because these are just that great.

Sounds a little exaggerated, right? Well, the 5 scenes we have here tell a different story.

El-Kebeer being subbed in for the greatest remontada of all time

This scene is nothing short of legendary and for El-Kebeer and its 5 seasons of hilarity, that’s a pretty huge deal. See, this scene set the tone for the rest of the series because it showed us that two twins really cared about one another!

And it didn’t hurt that El-Kebeer basically Emad Meteb’ed out of nowhere in the final minutes to swoop in and save Mazareeta from its first ever-defeat.

Mahmoud conjuring an entire menu out of thin air

Okay, we have a confession to make. We may not remember every episode from Hekayat Zog Mo3aser but we sure do remember this episode and this scene in particular.

See, in this scene Mahmoud rants about food in a very descriptive, hungry manner that kind of really resonates with us and makes us feel just as hungry too.

Saniya’s wedding

Quick, when we mention Lan A3eesh Fi Gelbab Aby, what’s the first thing that you think of? If you said ‘the memes’, well, you’re right but here’s the second thing you probably think of. Saniya’s hilarious wedding.

There’s just nothing else we can say that can bring that whole affair justice. There really isn’t. Yes, this is where you take off to re-watch.

That one beleela scene

You know the one, you just do. If you need a little reminder, though, it’s toward the end of Yetraba fi 3ezo after that other scene you don’t want to remember.

there’s no such thing as being “old enough” to handle it, we know what we’re talking about …and we can’t bear to link it

Personally, we’ve never seen or felt such raw emotion coming from one man sadly eating beleela. We know this one’s a little too…different but, really, it’s Yehia El-Fakharany, we’re all allowed to praise him.

Revealing the “Greatest Disguise of All Time

The iconic Ahmed Abdelaziz scene! Now you could argue that all of this man’s scenes are iconic (and you’d be right, who are we kidding?), but this scene in which he takes off his disguise, a literal hat, to have his entire family shocked and start recognizing him then is on another level.

Honestly, at that point, he was either a wizard or just really, really, really confident.

Do you have more iconic scenes you want to add in?