To do list written on paper with blue pen

By: Fatma Ahmed

Being productive is what we get up every day aiming to be but never seems to get checked off of our ever-growing to-do list. Tasks have to be completed, errands have to be run, and the mail has to be taken care of every day, but how do you make sure you can actually do it? Here are a few things that will help you stay motivated, productive, and show that to-do list who’s boss!

Be realistic:

This is the tip we all need the most. We prepare endless to-do lists which are impossible to finish and require no sleeping for at least three days straight! Let’s get a bit real, this won’t ever happen. You have to always remember that accomplishing three ticks a day is better than being overwhelmed and actually doing nothing for the whole day.

Have a rest:

The importance of a bit of “me time” is undeniable. Applying your favorite lipstick, slathering yourself in your favorite body butter or applying that luxury mask that you have been saving for a while, are all easy ways to ease the day. Remember that only 30 minutes could do the job, you don’t need a whole day off to chill.

Rearrange your to-do list:

We all tend to do the fun tasks first, and then we always end up with the boring ones that we had to make the list for in the first place. By doing all of the annoying bits and pieces first, this will free you up to do the more fun tasks that you would enjoy later which will require less energy.

Get your meal plan on:

This point may not seem to match the others at first, but when you plan your meals and coordinate your shopping trips, you save time on unnecessary trips to the store and have more energy in the long run. Grabbing a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate is nice, but your health will deteriorate and you will feel more and more tired because you are not getting the nutrition you need. Become that person in the office who packs their meal everyday, it will make a difference.


Stay inspired:

Going through all of your tasks can be quite stressful, but a bit of nice inspiration will keep that stress away for days! Put a visual reminder of your goal on your wall, whether it is a career change, a vacation that you are saving for, or a new skill that you are learning. Literally “keeping your eye on the goal” will help you stay motivated until you reach what you are aiming for.


Bonus tip: Shake up your routine

Having a fixed routine can be nice but it’s hard to escape the boredom that it causes every single day. A simple change can make all the difference and always remember that you should always be seeking your happiness even in finishing that annoying to-do list.