Egypt is a country of countless talents. Just last month, during Ramadan, we got to see the acting talents of several new and fresh faces taking the spotlight.

Now, during the Africa Cup of Nations, we are enjoying the talents of the Egyptian National team.

And while music doesn’t have a specific season, new exciting musical talents are ALWAYS welcome to bless our ears and take a place into our playlist. 

Thankfully, there is this great thing called “Social Media” where people get to showcase their talent and you get to reach it with the click of a button, or well… a click on your screen, but you know what I mean.

And thanks to social media, a lot of local artists managed to share their artistic and quality content with the public.

However, because some of us are creatures of habit and tend to stick to the artists and musicians we already know, a lot of these artists pass by unnoticed and don’t get the recognition they deserve. Some of them even give up altogether, depriving the rest of us of their amazing talents.

To help prevent that from happening, we -as legitimate musical nerds- decided to help open your eyes on some new and jaw-dropping talents that were right under your noses the whole time. So maybe this way, they can get the love and appreciation they deserve, and you can add some new awesome tunes for your playlist.

So without further ado, meet the 5 new voices that will give you goosebumps while simultaneously dropping your jaw way down to the floor:

1. Hana Abaza 

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@ladygaga obsessed.

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Hana’s talent is one of those timeless ones that cross over time and space. The blues and echoey feel to her voice are sufficient to send chills down your spine even without any accompanying instruments.

Hana has only recently started to showcase her talents by doing some low key performances in local venues and posting some short videos on her Instagram account.

But a short glance at any of her covers will tell you that it will NOT be long before her undeniable talent breaks through and her promising musical career kicks off.

In the meantime, enjoy the little gems she posts and the small window of opportunity to be blessed with her diamond voice live. Just try not to cry too much, it will be hard, but try!

2. Omar Etman

One thing you don’t see a lot of around the Egyptian music industry is a pure soul and rock talent. Which is precisely what makes Omar Etman’s talents stand out like no other.

The thing that reflects the magnitude and uniqueness of Etman’s talents, even more, is that he not only brings back old favorites by covering them on his guitar, he also performs his own original music which he both writes and plays.

Omar is still in the local artist phase, however, if you are a real music geek like us, you’d know that his name is getting bigger and his fan base is getting wider every day. So hurry up and go see him now before it gets too hard to get into his shows. It won’t be long!

3. Menna Raafat 

Imagine strong meeting soft, and you’ll basically get Menna Raafat’s voice. A voice that can turn anything into a lullaby.

She can sing the dictionary on her ukelele and you’ll still feel like you are walking through a meadow. Which is why, despite working as a doctor, Menna still managed to grab the attention of many by the few and short covers she posts online.

She has even started doing live performances in some local venues around Cairo, including the one and only Sakiat El Sawy. All of that, and she ain’t even trying! So imagine what will happen once she puts down the scalpel and picks up the mike full-time!

4. Youssef Ismail

Not a lot can be said about Youssef Ismail, even though, he is a pharmacist, teacher, composer, singer, songwriter, powerhouse, and father. Once you actually hear him sing, you’ll be left completely and utterly speechless, no two ways about it.

Youssef is not exactly a new face to the music industry. He has been writing and composing music for other artists for years now. He also has been posting short videos and covers on his Instagram just showcasing bits and pieces of his magnificent talent.

But recently, Youssef -thankfully- started to step more into the spotlight and give his talent a chance to drop jaws to the floors left and right. He started doing more performances at clubs and hotels around Cairo, post more and longer covers, and even do a guest appearance here and there on online shows such as Mazen Yassen’s Morning Chat show “Just A GoProer” where he revealed that he’s planning to become a full-time professional singer.


5. Habiba Zahran 

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3 years ago I couldn’t sing this song at all

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Last but absolutely not least is a truly “OH DAMN”-deserving talent. Habiba Zahran is the true meaning of a balladeer.

With a voice so strong it can cut through glass, a musical sense so impeccable you will struggle to find a cover you don’t like, and an artistic identity so clear and precise she makes every song her own, even the good old classics. Habiba has been doing online covers for almost 5 years now and has been a part of the musical group Arabeish.

Once you take a stroll down any of Habiba’s social media accounts, YouTube channel, or Sound Cloud page, you will be quick to notice that she does NOT go easy on herself, choosing a harder and more challenging song to cover after the other. Yet, amazingly enough, she continues to impress every single time she opens her mouth.

So give her a listen. You can thank us later.

Now that we have given you the chance to take a glance at these amazing artists, the ball is in your court to keep them around. Because while these talented musicians have what it takes to make it big, the most “make-it-or-break-it” factor in this equation is your support and love. 

So just like you go crazy over foreign talents, give that same amount of support, love and appreciation to your own local artists who are just as good and talented. Before they give up on you and deprive the world of their unbelievable yet undeniable talents. 

So what are you waiting for? Go show them some love!