Ramadan and Eid are over but that doesn’t mean that good entertaining drama is. We know you worry a lot about what to watch to keep yourself busy.

But you still don’t wish to get invested in a long series with many seasons, right? Worry not, here are 5 of the best mini-series to catch now!


Indulge in the psychedelic teen experience of Euphoria that is full of good playlists, daring fashion and serious struggles!


This is one 2020 mini-series on Netflix you don’t want to miss, trust us. A story about a Jewish girl who goes against all odds and abandons her arranged marriage!

I Know This Much is True

This mini-series starring Mark Rufflo just came out and it’s so good, you all need to give it a go. The show depicts the life of Dominick Birdsey who struggles to get his schizophrenic twin out of an asylum.

Modern Love

As the name implies, this light-hearted mini-series examines multiple love stories of our modern age. Some are easy, some are tricky and some end up changing our lives forever.


The story of the blood-sucking count never gets old, right? Watch for yourself and take what you think of this 2020 take on the famed Dracula!

Happy streaming, everyone!