When you finally hit your awkward 20’s, a whole other batch of responsibilities and expectations take over your life. You’ve just literally left your teens and you are already expected to step up your game and get it together.

We’ve compiled 5 situations that polar opposite 20-year-olds can relate to.


1. Dating in your 20’s

In the old days, dating has never really been an issue. We did have that notion that this person could be the one, however there was no pressure. We used to let things be, and if it works out then great if not, we move on, onto the next. Twenty-year-old girls don’t have that privilege anymore. This is not the time to mess up. You are expected to marry that person you are with and dating for a few years is not acceptable. An erayet fat7a is the least you could do. And if you’re not seeing anyone you already have family members ask you, “Ha ba2a mafeesh 7ad kda wala kda?” This is the romantic limbo era and we feel you.


2. Jobs and Internships

When you’re in your early 20’s, your search for a meaningful job is truly hectic. You are expected to know what you want and strive in it, let alone being required to have a little experience before starting an internship. “Well I was in the talent show committee…” Ento el mafrood tedooly experience, not the other way around.


3. Different types of 20 year olds

Now that’s the true definition of polar opposite people. Your group of friends is diverse; you have people on your left still trying to figure out their lives and people on your right already having babies and running a house. It is quite difficult. The 20 year-old-moms will feel that sh*t got real really fast and that they have quickly grown up; then there are the 20 year-olds who only worry about which party they will be able to get into, and finally you have those who have had 5 different jobs in a year and counting… The struggle is keeping up with all these people and hoping to find anything you have in common other than TV shows and your favorite hangout place.


4. You are more socially aware

Your interests have shifted and things actually impact you. You are an adult now after all. People dying, raging wars, President Sisi, economic crises and the EGP devaluation… You feel old which makes no sense because technically you are not. And thinking about how you will be able to raise your kids in this world is even more depressing. But you’ve already got a plan set up and that’s what’s giving you hope. You’re prepared for the worst and you’ve already seen too much that an average 20 year old in the previous decades hasn’t even experienced.


5. Body Weight Issues

You have this belief that if you don’t take care of your body now, it’ll be too late. Extensive diet regimens have taken over your life. You do have to make it up after all, given that Egyptian food is truly irresistible. El fata, el koshary, el ma7shy, el 7amam, el molokheya bel samna el balady, el kawere3… like we said, so tempting.


This is the decade where you learn from your mistakes and find yourself. It’s trial and error. But look at the bright side, you are already exposed to everything all at once; take this as an advantage and strive to become the best version of yourself. It’s not the end of the world, you are still young at heart 😉