Do you ever find yourself relating to the old school characters written in archetypal ways more than the modern chaotic and unpredictable characters? If you consider yourself a bookworm who finds solace in classic movies full of literary references, books and ethical dilemmas; here are 5 movies for you!

The Hours

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be a Virginia Woolf loyal reader to enjoy this masterpiece. The hours exhibit the lives of 3 women from different times in history in the most beautiful and relatable of ways!

Midnight In Paris

The Van Gogh poster itself screams ART, right? Midnight in Paris examines the life of a desperate romantic writer who roams Paris in different periods of history and that’s how he finds his muse!

Dead Poets Society


This one’s a classic that never gets old. No matter how many times you watch it, you just can’t get enough. The Walt Whitman poetry and the Shakespearean references are honestly heartwarming!

Notting Hill

A Julia Robert’s love story in the middle of a bookstore with a British bookseller, what a scenery right? Notting Hill is simply a must-watch for any romantic out there. Did we mention the Elvis Costello theme song?

Shakespeare In love

Into period dramas? Shakespeare finds the perfect muse for his writing after suffering from a dry period, only to find she’s already betrothed to a wealthy man. Classic, huh?

Do you have more to add to the list?