Yeah, yeah. It’s that time of year again where everyone is saying all that “New Year, New Me” crap. They think they’re going to do it all: go vegan, stop smoking, go to the gym everyday, learn seven new languages, and probably save the entire world while they’re at it. What is it about a brand spankin’ new year that inspires everyone to think they can suddenly get their lives together?

Get real. We know better than that. A change in the calendar doesn’t mean a complete change in us. But there is something fascinating with having an entire fresh year in front of us that inspires us to make at least a few resolutions. At least ones we can realistically keep. It is the spirit of the season after.

1. Take the stairs… At least going down

cat stairs 3

The ambitious version of this would be something like “GET FIT!!!” with all of those exclamation points included. Our version is more chill, but still gets you moving… kind of…. You can cheat on this one if you are more than three floors up and/or wearing heels, because going downstairs in heels is the worst and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.

2. Delete ten people you don’t like from Facebook

cat computer

Speaking of negativity, there are lots of people who swear that they are going to get rid of all the negative people in their lives. Now that’s quite ambitious, and in our opinion, unrealistic. Those negative people have a way to keep showing up. But since ideally you shouldn’t have them around, there is one small step you can take to make some of them go away. Just delete ten of them off of Facebook. You know those people that you keep on your friends list because you feel like you should, but they just make you angry every time you see their annoying faces and their even more annoying posts. Just delete them. Just do it.

3. Read one book you’ve always wanted to

We’re not asking you to start your own book club. We’re just saying that in 365 days you can finish ONE book you’ve been meaning to for years. Think about it this way. If it’s anywhere around 1500 pages, you only need to read 4 pages a day. You can do it little by little, you can do it all at once. We don’t care if you keep it in the bathroom and use it as your bathroom reading. Just read it. You’ll feel better about life.

4. Take more naps

baby cat sleeping

Yeah you read that right! We want your New Year’s Resolution to be to sleep more in 2016! Hey, trust us on this one. You do know that getting the right amount of sleep is critical to your health, right? So if you’re not going to commit to that gym membership, at least spend more quality time with your bed.

5. Watch more stupid videos on YouTube

Now you really think we’ve lost it. Aren’t New Year’s Resolutions supposed to make you more productive and better people? Just hear us out. We need to laugh more, because laughing puts us in better moods, which makes us better people, which makes the world better. See what we just did there? We just saved the world. So whatever comedy or goofy things are making you laugh, include more of them in your 2016 plans.