We’ve all got a pretty big vacation coming ahead and most of us are probably planning to travel somewhere.

But before you start setting a schedule and create that WhatsApp group titled “Road Trip Y’all”, you must know what to pack, more importantly what NOT to pack, and that includes your travelling buddies.

So we thought we’d give you a complete guide to the people you should NEVER travel with, to help you avoid having your vacation completely ruined.

Because we all know that vacations don’t come by very often! 

1. The Old Lady/Man Spirit

We all have that one friend who never wants to do anything except lay around and sip on a drink. Which is, needless to say, is not very adventurous.


So if you travel with him/her, don’t bother making plans because your vacation will consist of one of two activities; nagging that friend to get up and do literally anything, or whining about that friend to your other friends.

2. The one making up for lost time, A LOT

In other words, the one who takes the time you spend together to tell you about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL that happened in their lives which you might not know about.

Naturally, the time we travel with our friends is the time to re-connect and catch up. But that does NOT mean that you have to tell me about that third cousin of yours who had a fight with her next-door neighbor! Why would I care?! Why do you?!

3. The “Tag Along” guy

You know that guy/girl who always happens to forget their wallet in some very convenient times, like paying the check? Well, it’s that guy, only instead of a bill or a meal, it is for an ENTIRE VACATION.

Watch out, because they’ve probably already invited themselves by now!

4. The Influencer-wanna be

Let’s face it, we all Instagram, no one is speaking from a high horse here. But it doesn’t matter how many “cheese burger pictures” you post, you are not famous!

So for heaven’s sake, put down the phone and let us enjoy our vacation before we have to go back to our real non-gramming jobs back home!

5. The taken friend, VERY taken!

It is that one friend in a relationship that is incapable of not being in a relationship at any given moment of any given day, even if the person they’re in a relationship with is not there.

Love is great and all, but do you have to make us feel like we are abducting you just because your “significant other” couldn’t make it? Here is a thought; you could have just STAYED WITH THEM and saved us all the trouble!

What about you? Do you have a different type of a particularly annoying travelling buddy? If so, help us out and tell us about them in the comments!