After staying at home that long, we bet everyone’s summer is going to be all kinds of different. Beach days are a must, of course, but how about ditching the dry land for a while and opting for the underwaters for a change? On that note, here are 5 places that offer cool underwater activities all across Egypt’s coasts!

Blue Odysea – Almaza Bay

“Reconnect to the water, explore the power of your mind & unleash your natural potential”; judging just by the motto, we want in. Blue Odysea is actually one of a kind when it comes to underwater activities. They offer mermaiding classes for kids, underwater dancing, free diving, and underwater massage.

Eco-Dahab – Dahab

An environmental NGO in Dahab, Red Sea whose primary concern is raising awareness about coral life. If you’re looking to have fun and save some aqua creatures, they organize diving trips all over the peninsula and host informative meetings and seminars. Make sure to check them out next time you’re in the area.

Surf Camp – Hacienda

Located in the North Coast, Surf Camp is famous for having both great water and land sports down there. If you’re up for a nice surf or a sandboarding trip, they’ll have you all covered!

The Surf Hub – Ras Sedr

Another place that we just love is The Surf Hub in Matarma Bay, Ras Sedr. Their water sports center offers all kinds of beach fun; windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing courses & rentals, SUP’S, kayaks & wakeboarding. Could we ask for more?

Voyagers Co

Founded by Egyptian adventurer Galal Zekri, The Voyagers Co is a hub for all the on-land and in water sporting goods. If you’re serious about an adventure of sailing, 4×4 safari, hiking or summiting, this is the go-to place!

So, who’s up for a summer adventure?