Starting college is one of the final steps in your academic journey; it’s the last phase before reality hits you. You start learning (if you haven’t already) how to become independent, and that the universe does not revolve around you…shockers. You meet new people and realize that we don’t all share the same mentality. You start broadening your mind (hopefully) and understanding more about people and cultures. But as they say, a problem-free world is non-existent; here’s a list of some of the problems most of us have faced in our early college days:

1. Registering Your Courses

‘Drop and Add Week’ is the nightmare of every student. Remember the moment ‘Anita Gutenberg’ landed in Egypt in ‘El Tagroba El Denemarkeya? Well, picture the same scenario but instead of people fighting for Anita, they are students fighting for the three last spots left in the last section of a course!28_20150128212318

2. Flirty Professors

Whether the professor is male or female, things can sometimes get out of hand. You occasionally get awkward comments and flirty looks. The question here is, should you play it cool to get the ‘A’, or should you do the goody goody nonsense and report them? (Hint: Get the A)Bad-Teacher-Wallpaper-Poster-Backgrounds

3. Club Members

When you’re walking peacefully around campus and get harassed by one of the club members, asking you to vote for or join their club, or assassinate the president! They’re always very energetic and passionate about a cause. Whether it’s 8 am in the morning and you feel like punching everyone, or 3 pm in the afternoon when you just want to grab a bite and run, they’re hyped anyway…clubs-orgs

4. The Gossipers

They know anything and everything about everybody. They don’t care whether you’re interested in what they’re saying or actually know the person being gossiped about. They will still tell you their life story. Beware of the gossipers…they talk with and about you!635770956384811688-709239507_tumblr_nu82nwd9PC1uzdvtdo1_500

5. Toilets

The horror you face when you have to use an unflushed toilet, or even worse, an unclean seat! Try not to puke your guts out, and get used to the terror. (Tip: always carry wipes and tissue).58921257