Committing to someone in a new relationship is a tricky business. You are investing emotions, time and energy in someone and hoping it will pay off. But, are you making the right decision?

There’s one way to know. According to Dr. Mohamed Taha, Egyptian Consultant and Psychiatrist, asking your partner (be that a boyfriend or a fiancee) these questions, beforehand, will definitely help you figure things out!

“How do you feel about women working?”

This question is not merely about knowing whether or not your partner will mind you having a career of your own. It’s basically to understand how controllable this guy will be in a serious relationship. Which is crucial to get an early glimpse of your future dynamics!

“Are you okay with the way I dress?”

The importance of this question lies in the fact that some men could approach you with something like “I like you, but I feel you need to dress a bit differently!”

If that’s the case, then this is a major red flag. You need to know that no one is supposed to comment on or judge the way you dress, let alone try to change it.

A person who needs someone that dresses in a certain way should find that person in the first place. Not choose you and do their alterations!

“When we have conflicted opinions, how will we decide what to do?”

Dr. Taha explains how conflict and disagreeing in any relationship is inevitable. What matters is, the way you disagree.

Some men will instantly stress on the fact that a man should be the one to have the final say. Some men think that the best way to go is by compromising and reaching a common ground. So, which type do you prefer?

“Do you think we should have the same friends and social circles, or is it okay for me to have my own life away from you?”

Independence is a sign of a healthy relationship. If your partner insists on knowing all your friends, coworkers and everything you do, this may be a bad sign.

If he, however, feels that every party is at liberty to have their own life and social circles away from the other..he’s a keeper!

“If you’d change one thing about me, what would it be?”

Now, this is a tricky question. The purpose of this question is not finding out the things your partner doesn’t like about you. The purpose is rather finding out if he feels you could use some changes, in the first place!

You see, and we can’t stress this enough, a person who won’t accept you for who you are before he met you is just not worthy of your time!

There you go, a professional’s opinion to help you decide if your new relationship is actually worth taking to the next level. Pick wisely, girls!