Undoubtedly, Eid is one of the occasions that we love the most. We eagerly wait for it every year because of all the rituals, family gatherings and of course because we want to eat and drink! But this year we are not as happy as we usually are. To the contrary, we dislike it, just a little bit.

Here are 5 reasons why we wish this year’s Eid was different.

#1: The Eid is During the Weekend

All working ladies and men hate this so much. Unfortunately, we will only have Sunday off and if your company is one of the generous kind ones, then you might be taking Monday as a day off as well.

#2: The World Cup is the Hot Event and Not Eid

Most people care more about the World Cup than they care about Eid, which literally killed our yearly Eid vibes. People are now scheduling their gatherings, outings or even errands according to the schedule of the games.

#3: No 3edeya Post Price Inflation

Because of the increase in prices of almost EVERYTHING, family members can’t afford to give us generous 3edeyas as they used to. Some even make excuses about how we’re all grown up now and that we are not eligible anymore. And we know that these are just lame excuses that we hate because we want our 3edeya!!

#4: No Great Movies In the Cinemas

Not to mention how movies released in the cinemas are not good enough. A huge list of great movies that were supposed to feature in Eid won’t make it to the big screen on time.

#5: Sahel Technically Didn’t Start Operating

This year Eid is so early that the Sahel season barely kicked off. We won’t be able to enjoy our Eid in Sahel just like previous years as most places didn’t start operating.

Let’s hope that we enjoy Eid regardless and win the World Cup too!