Winter is finally coming… Now how good did that sound? Other than the fact that Game of Thrones has kind of made it sound a little more dramatic, cold weather has always been relaxing because a heavy cover-up or a hot drink can quickly take away any feelings of discomfort.

You do sweat less compared to other seasons and this really takes the cake. For all those winter people out there, this is for you!


1. Hot Drinks

When have hot drinks felt that good? The warmth of the hot cup of coffee trickling down your throat while the gentle cold breeze blows your hair. This can’t be more perfect. Suddenly going out or staying in for coffee couldn’t have been a better goal.


2. Winter Fashion

Sweaters, hoodies, boots, scarves, gloves and beanies, we love you! There is nothing we love more than mismatching winter clothes—they come in all colors and materials. If you get cold, nothing can stop you from adding layers on layers. There is really no rule in what you can and can’t wear underneath.


3. Winter Weather

To be cozy, outside temperature needs to be cold. It really is common sense. Wear socks, curl up under two heavy blankets, and sink into your bed while watching your favorite show. You’ll have a lot of nights like these and no one can judge you. We always slept with the AC on because sleeping in the cold is the most restful sleep you could ever have. Now imagine having to sleep like that for three months, without needing the air conditioner because the weather already makes up for it.


4. Best Season to Give Back

AUC students collecting bedding

This is the perfect time to give back to our community as the weather gets colder. We have a lot of homeless people who have to go through the biting wind chill. It would be much easier for you to give them money, but what would benefit them more are cover-ups and heavy wear.


5. The Best Seasonal Events

I mean come on there’s Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s. Need I say more? It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


With all the upcoming festivities, this is a time to celebrate the season of giving back. Don’t just sit home to avoid the cold, go out and enjoy the winter breeze, say hello and smile to a stranger, donate to charities… You can easily make a person smile and that’s by being caring.