Ever wonder what the big deal is behind athleisure wear? We’re all about to find out because we’re heading to Barcelona this week with #PGFUTUREFABRICS to learn about how fashion and fabrics can come together and embody standards of comfort, style, and performance. P&G has gathered together an impressive list of speakers to give us the whole picture, including styling, buying, cleaning and caring for, and even the psychology behind our clothes. Here are just a few of the reasons we can’t wait to make it to Spain and share our findings with you:

1. Because Barcelona

Need we say more? We couldn’t ask for a better destination.

  2. Because comfort is really important to us


  From Cross-fit to fashion-fit – #athleisure wear is the new normal. Find out more at #PGFutureFabrics   A photo posted by P&G Future Fabrics 2015/16 (@pgfuturefabrics) on


3. Because Susie Bubble is going to be there

We can’t wait to hear the British fashion blogger’s reflections on upcoming fashion trends.

  4. Because finally someone cares about our clothes as much as we do   P&G Fibre Science Expert, Regis D’Hardemare, is going to give us the scoop on how Ariel and Downy are seen as the next frontier for clothing care, beyond stain removal. He will share in-depth the breakthrough news on the research of P&G Fabric Care.


5. Because we will get you the latest inspirations and data in this clothing line

It won’t all just be presentations; we will also get a closer look at the inspirations, mood boards, and fabric samples from the minds behind athleisure wear.


Follow our live updates this Wednesday, December 2nd with the hashtag #PGFUTUREFABRICS