Frankly, guys, Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin’s TV show “Be 100 Wesh” was not the horse we bet on when the Ramadan marathon kicked off. But for the past couple of days, the series has emerged strongly and presented itself as most praised. And we just had to tell you why it’s a must-watch!

Unskippable Theme Song

If there’s anything better than the show itself, it’s definitely the theme song. You know how you’re bored with any show’s theme song after only the third or fourth day and find yourself pressing “skip” by default?

Well, this is not happening with “Millionaire Millionaire”, the coolest Ramadan 2020 theme song yet. A Mahragan featuring El Madfa’gya with both Nelly and Asser singing along!

The Perfect Light-Com

With every other Ramadan series going places like death, fidelity, apocalypse, mental illness and more serious topics; a light feel-good series to distract us from everything happening in real life can be a rare finding.

Not until we discovered the gem that is Be 100 Wesh, anyway. A simple story of two burglars (Nelly & Asser) from different social backgrounds crossing paths and teaming up. Resulting in hilarious situations with the least effort!

Adorable Couple

To be honest, romance can easily be found in a handful of the 2020 Ramadan series. But Sokkar (Nelly Karim) and Omar (Asser Yassin) are a different case. Because so far, they hate each other’s guts and they come from worlds apart. Still, we’re rooting for this one relationship HARD!

Fresh Faces

When you have Asser Yassin’s charisma and Nelly Karim’s magnetism you’d think that any fresh face on the cast would fade out. But rising stars Islam Ibrahim (Hamada) and Zeinab Ghareb (Radwa) proved us wrong!

Fashion Fiasco

Let’s take a moment here and talk about fashion. The way “Sokkar” transforms each and every episode is a feast for the eyes really. Nelly Karim is such a beauty and an acting chameleon. Don’t you all agree?

We don’t know about you, but we’ll sure dance our feet off to “Millionaire” once the quarantine is over!