In a world where the workplace has grown increasingly diverse in both gender and cultural aspects, companies started hiring the best candidate for the job, at the same time maximizing the power of inclusion and diversity of thought.

Let’s admit it, we all want to work in fields that we are passionate about, however, none of us wants to work 24/7 with little downtime to invest in ourselves, family and friends.

Keeping a workforce truly engaged and enabling employees through flexible working arrangements is not a new topic but how many organizations really walk the talk like PepsiCo does?

1 – It’s a culture that supports diversity

PepsiCo is extensively working on making the workspace accommodating and accepting and embraces the diversity of its workplace, being one of the few companies with the target goal of having 50% of their hires to be women in managerial roles, like in this video here:

And it doesn’t just stop at that. Although sales and supply chain positions are usually male-dominated, PepsiCo actively encourages women to go for these roles as well!

2 – You’ll get offered constant support, a secure working environment especially amidst the pandemic

Ever since the pandemic spread worldwide, PepsiCo is proud to provide all employees with the resources needed to stay safe and engaged, for example; they secured virtual offerings to help them adjust to the various and different ways of working.

After introducing many programs like live-work-out sessions for the employees, the company took an extra step and introduced its Employee Assistance Program, which includes many forms of counselling, whether face-to-face or through the phone.

Naturally, PepsiCo didn’t forget the working moms that make up the foundation of our community. When all schools and nurseries shut down, the company allowed the working mothers to work from home and introduced activities like story-telling for their kids and even allowed them to join in during meetings and calls.

3 – It is a place where career growth and development opportunities are real

This company is taking pride in being a fast-paced environment where employees are balancing between their career goals, work and personal commitments. Not only this, opportunities at PepsiCo can be sales oriented and not always focused on vertical growth. However, the company offers critical and inspiring experiences that give employees the chance to develop their skills and stay future ready. For instance, PepsiCo is proud to be empowering its staff, with 50% of its key managerial positions are held by women.

4 – Maternity and Paternity leaves

If you’ve ever worried about balancing work and motherhood, you can stop doing so now. Knowing their predicaments, PepsiCo has increased working moms’ maternity leaves from three to four paid months, allowing up to two years of unpaid leaves.

And working dads don’t have to worry about being left out either! Paternity leaves were also increased, being upped from one day to a full week.

5 – The working conditions are flexible!

As for your working hours, employees don’t need to worry; since they’re as flexible as they come, generally and seasonally! PepsiCo has already introduced “Summer Hours”, “Early Thursdays”; and the flexibility of working in free locations.

In addition, all employees are given the opportunity to leave earlier during the summer every third Thursday of the month and the privilege of coming late on Sundays besides the free location roles that serve the sector and are eligible for all employees.

PepsiCo truly cares about their employees and actual work-life integration

One of the leading organizations that strive to provide an all-inclusive working environment, the company aspires to meet individual employees’ needs. Some of PepsiCo’s policies that support work-life integration come second to none in enabling employees to be perfectly comfortable with their hours and their workspaces, meeting all of their demands.

And that’s just how the best formula happens. Flexible working conditions, leaves, suitable locations, and all the support you can need!

Work-life integration is our new reality.