From year to year, cell phones are evolving at a breathtaking rate. The list of specs a phone can offer is becoming endless, leaving us to decide our target phone based on our most important needs and phone designs. New phones are constantly swamping the market with their bright new colors leaving us in awe of all the new rainbow-like varieties! Nevertheless, we just can’t stop longing for those the old luxurious black phones that gave us a sense of modern elegance. ‘OPPO’ as always comes to the rescue, saving us from all that pain with the introduction of OPPO’s F3 limited ‘black edition’; bringing back the good old days of elegance!

Here are 5 reasons why ‘black’ is the new chic!

1. The sophisticated look goes with anything!

How many times have you stood staring at your closet trying to find the perfect outfit and just ended up wearing black, which is far more sophisticated than any other color. To make things worse, the struggle doesn’t end here but extends to having to find an outfit that also matches with your phone case. Here comes OPPO’s F3 to the rescue, presenting the perfect black phone to match any outfit for any event and no matter what the color. It’s the perfect accessory all of the time!

2. The mystery that makes us curious!

Black has always been a color of mystery, raising endless questions and driving people to crave more answers. This is exactly what we felt when we were flashed with the F3 black edition. We were left speechless with so many more questions than we had answers for.

3. Black gives you a slimmer look!

Furthermore, black has been proven to be the perfect weapon to hide from the world around, concealing the weight of its carrier and presenting itself as slimmer and even more elegant. This is what we love about OPPO’s F3; the color accentuates the phone’s slim and petite frame, leaving us wishing to get hold of it.

4. The powerful confident look!

Owning a black phone says a lot about its user; it exudes power and self-confidence, proving to the world that there’s only one weapon and only a few people who can take control of it all.

5. It hides all the scratches!

It’s just a fact of life that our phones get scratched from daily use and usually only a few months before you need a cover case to hide all those scratches. The OPPO phone has it covered with the all black design that smartly conceals those annoying scratches, even when they happen!

To cut it short, black has been proven to attract light and what more could you want in your life other than light which we assure you is granted by the ownership of OPPO’s F3 Black edition. If you’re still skeptical, you just need to give this phone a quick search and you’ll know why OPPO’s F3 Black edition is about to take the cell phone market by storm!