Pinpointing one’ s passion and direction in life is what makes our lives purposeful. Living aimless goalless days is a total waste of life. We need to identify our targets and set plans to try and achieve them, one target at a time. Pursuing a dream motivates people to become better, develop and grow. Dreams vary; they can be about being the best at what you do, being fit, losing weight, having your own successful business, or even marrying your significant other and creating a happy family. If you don’t have a dream that pushes you forward, then what prompts you to get out of bed every morning? Successful relationships are those built between partners who both have dreams and goals that inspire them to try harder every day. Here are some reasons why it’s not a good idea to be with someone with no vision:


1.      Making You a Better Person

One of the most important perks of being in a relationship is that it should bring out the best in you; it should excite you and make you an overall better person. Being in a relationship means having a partner who carries the weight of the world with you and pushes you forward to be the better version of you. A man who has no dreams, doesn’t think of the future or what he wants from it; a man who does not know how to better himself would not be able to push you forward if he can’t even push himself. Everyone likes to predict their destiny or  the future, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit waiting for life to shower you with wisdom and success.


2.      Being Sure of the Relationship

How can you know for sure that he truly loves you? Does he buy you flowers? Chocolate? Does he take you out for dinner? What is his next step if there is one or will he just stick to chocolate for the rest of his sorry life? Is he even sure that he loves you and wants to be with you for the rest of his life? What else is he planning for the rest of his life or at least for the coming year?

3.      Having a Successful Career

No one expects him to be the CEO of Microsoft, but in order to succeed in life, he has to have a career, a job, and a decent source of income … Love alone cannot put food on the table. How can a man with no dreams or goals move up the career ladder if he doesn’t even think of moving forward? An office boy knows that he needs to enhance his skills in order to make better coffee, an employee needs to work harder to deliver quality work, and a manager knows that he constantly needs to brush up his managerial skills. If your man does not know that he needs to do more than meditating about the beauty of life, you need to let him go.

4.      Your Vision about the Future

What do you plan to do? Get married? Travel? Study for a master’s degree? Work? No? Do you plan to have kids? Three kids? No kids?

What does he plan to do? ….

You have to be with someone who shares your vision about the future or at least has a similar one to yours so that you can work on achieving it together in order to make the best of this future. No vision at all is never recommended; very few things in life can be achieved without a plan.


5.      Dragging You Down

As time goes by, you will feel more and more like a stranger. Nothing you do will suit him; he’s a man who has learned to live without any responsibilities and if you think he may change at some point you’re probably mistaken. He was born and raised this way and doesn’t feel the need to change; he might just feel more insecure and jealous. If you still feel attached and you choose him over yourself, you will slowly start to give up on your own dreams, one at a time, until one day you will wake up and wonder where all your plans about changing yourself and the world has gone. It will all be too late then.