Relationships can be quite mysterious. The moment you step into one, you become blinded and suddenly feel like you need all the help in the world, every single step of the way. It seems like you’re tip-toeing on glass and need to be focused on every tiny detail. Even when you get into arguments or fights, you get advice from outsiders, when all you need to do is follow your guts-not your heart- and trust it.

Your gut feeling or your instinct is the exact same tiny voice that sometimes tells you to run away or forgive someone you love when everyone else is asking you not to. This inner voice is sometimes all you need to hear and carefully listen to. Here is why you shouldn’t take relationship advice from anyone but yourself:

No one knows better than your instinct

No one knows the story like you do; no one could give you an accurate opinion other than yourself. Yes, sometimes you can only see the story from one angle and need someone else’s opinion but at the end you have to take the decision yourself.

No one cares about your relationship like you do

And no one will suffer the consequences. Some people’s automatic response would be to split up, get a divorce or give up on the relationship but they wouldn’t be the ones going through the heartbreak or the pain and it goes the other way round too. You might be advised to remain in an abusive relationship and still no one would suffer the consequences other than you.

People are affected by their own stories

People have different experiences and usually base their advice on them. However, not everyone is the same so you can’t follow advice based on someone else’s story. There are no written rules or doctrines for love and relationships.

Not everyone gives you sincere advice

Some people aren’t very honest or kind and might give you ill advice because they envy you or just because they’re plain evil. Even if we assume that all people are sincere, some might just not be good listeners. They may just want to give you any advice because they’re bored.

Sometimes their opinion is biased

Usually, when you seek others’ opinions, you choose close friends or family members who truly care about you, like your parents for example. This usually results in extremely biased opinions because these people care too much about you that they would hate anyone trying to hurt you.

Of course, you need to talk to someone sometimes and it might help you put things into perspective, but you need to make sure that your confidante is trust worthy enough to give you an honest NON-BIASED opinion. Lastly, never forget to listen to the little voice inside of you.