You probably listened to his number 1 hits and heard of his unforgettable catch phrases such as Another One and Bless Up (if you haven’t I sure hope it’s because you live under a rock), but you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve followed him on Snapchat (his handle is @djkhaled305).  If you’re lacking some excitement and motivation in your life, then Dj Khaled is the hero you’ve been looking for.

His snapchat stories are mostly of him and what he does throughout his day around his house in Miami. His day usually starts with him recording his feet (wearing slippers with the famous “Another One” catch phrase on them) as he walks down to his kitchen to have brekky. His daily routine includes watering his plants which he calls his “angels,” violently (and very comically) shouting “LIONNN” at the lion statue in his garden, chilling on his newly installed hammock or taking a ride on his jet ski.

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1. He will teach you the keys to more success

… and these include everything ranging from eating more green apples to watering your plants to using Listerine – everyday is definitely a new adventure with Dj Khaled and you will never get bored.




2. He will teach you how to deal with the haters

“They don’t want you to win” – they don’t want you to smile, enjoy your breakfast, eat lunch, have a No. 1 record, be on a Jet Ski doing 360s and they definitely don’t want you to have a Jacuzzi. Who exactly are “they,” no one knows. We can only assume he’s referring to the haters and “they” basically don’t want you to do or enjoy anything. That won’t stop Dj Khaled though, and it shouldn’t stop you either.




3. He will give you skin care tips

Don’t play yourself – Dove and Cocoa butter are the answers to your skin care problems. Dj Khaled often posts videos of himself in the shower using his beloved Dove soap (We really don’t think he even uses shampoo) or slathering his voluptuous body with cocoa butter.




4. He will teach you how to find your way if you ever get lost on your jet ski at night

One of his important activities is snapchat-ing himself while riding his jet ski. The other day, he went to have lunch with fellow rapper Rick Ross on his jet ski and ended up leaving quite late. He managed to get lost at night on his jet ski in the middle of the ocean, but instead of trying to figure out how to get back or shouting out for help, he instead chose to continue snapchat-ing. This event (video below) caused hysteria on twitter and other social media outlets. This is only one example of Dj khaled’s mishaps you cannot afford to miss!


Another one…

5. He will give you new dish ideas for breakfast and lunch every single day

Another cast member who makes a short appearance in his daily Snapchat story is his personal chef whom he refers to as Chef Dee. She prepares his daily breakfast, which usually consists of some scrambled egg whites, hash browns and chicken sausage. For lunch though, Chef Dee prepares around six or seven different gourmet dishes which will without a doubt get your mouth watering. So if you’re a general food enthusiast or you’re running out of ideas for what to cook for lunch, Dj Khaled’s pro chef has got your back.


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Here’s a compilation video that’ll give you a little taste of what a typical day in the life of Dj Khaled is like and why you should add him.