All romantic relationships begin with dates before long-term commitment. As a prelude, dating has a reciprocal purpose of exploring the other, measuring his compatibility with ours and assessing his suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship. This stage can be stressful for the parties involved due to the uncertainty of the whole situation. But worry no more, just in time for New Year’s, we bring you 5 resolutions to improve your dating life, not to mention lay the groundwork for a strong relationship later.

Be You, Stay True

Reconnecting with your inner self will have a major impact on your search for love. Following this route, the best match will be attracted to your world and will always find his way to you. Deepening your self-understanding is the first step to gaining the ability to acknowledge and recognize what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Avoid Bad Dating Patterns

All of us have bad habits that need to be changed if we’re willing to go further. Whether it’s rushing things, getting too attached, trying to control/manipulate your partner, seeking perfection or even worse; being involved with an unavailable person, you have to keep a sharp eye out so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes and adopt self-growth as a new life-style.

Bloom with Confidence

Being confident is being sexy, that’s the key. Don’t obsess about what the other person thinks of you, instead let things flow. Also, trust your own intuition and judgment; trust yourself more since you’re the only one who’s aware of the full scenario and the overall scope of your feelings. Trust your heart to be your guide. Moreover, knowing yourself better will give you the ability to identify what aligns with your intuition.

Get Creative, Remain Bold

Confidence is built when you do something courageous. Opt for new ways of thinking and tracks of acting like planning picnics or going on mini road-trips; confidence will back you up! Open up to original ideas, unprecedented possibilities and be courageous to walk out of your comfort zone as love is found in the most unpredictable places! Be brave to take initiative and show interest whenever you feel there’s potential.

Have Fun

Instead of perceiving dating as something you’re trying to get right, think of it as a way of playing, exploring and enjoying the moment. You’ll be surprised at how interesting, fun and memorable it can turn out to be. The truth is dating can be scary and destructive, but it also can be magical and wonderful; it’s up to you to choose which way you want it to be. Retain an open mind as well as an open heart and let the fun times begin.