Every time I go online, I get constantly bombarded by images of internet challenges. The question that always comes to mind is however: Whoever comes up with these things, whoever thought that it was a good idea to compare their body with people online? The logic behind it escapes me. Below are just some of the most outrageous challenges polluting my newsfeed:  

1- The A4 Waist Challenge

waist-challenge-socialThis one is the latest; the whole point of it is to show off how skinny you are. Basically, what you do is hold up a piece of paper against your waist. If the paper hides your waist, you’ve apparently proven to the internet that you have a small waist. The problem here lies in promoting certain beauty standards. Now, everyone will want to either try this challenge, or be ashamed when they fail rather than celebrating their bodies for what they are.

2- The Belly Button Challenge

hero_landscape_belly_button_challenge_1anng5k-1anng6dThe challenge here is whether you’re able to reach around your back and touch your belly button. This would only prove how skinny your waist is or maybe that you just happen to be pretty flexible. But what it’s really doing is indirectly telling women that their bodies won’t be good enough unless they can reach for their belly buttons.

3- The Bikini Bridge Challenge

bridge2_19cp8r9-19cp8rhThis one gets a little technical. First, you have to put on a bikini, then you have to lie on your back. If the fabric touches your hips but doesn’t touch your stomach then, congrats! You’ve successfully proven to everyone that you haven’t had breakfast. But the point of this one is much like the others above: body shaming.

4- The Collarbone Challenge

collarbone_challenge_2606_620_358_100Got any spare change? Why not put it on your collarbone to see if you’re thin enough? Or if your collarbone is pretty? Seriously, who looks at collarbones anyway? There’s really no reason you should be putting your money anywhere but your wallet.

5- The Kylie Jenner Challenge

internetIf you aspire to look like like Kylie Jenner, this challenge is the one to guarantee you those full Kylie Jenner lips you’ve been dreaming of.. or so it seems. All you have to do is suck on a small shot glass or bottle for a few seconds, and hope that you don’t get any bruising. I hate to break it to you but that’s definitely not how Kylie Jenner got her lips, which is why you shouldn’t be sucking on shot glasses anytime soon.


I find myself asking why these challenges even started to begin with, and realize that we’re part of a community that would rather compete than celebrate. We should learn to love our bodies the way they are, rather than challenge strangers on the internet and promote unrealistic standards. In addition, we should use our paper, money and shot glasses for what they were designed to do!