Every year we witness overly jammed TV channels with a wide range of Ramadan series that take over our lives. It’s crystal clear that all crews behind series this year decided to break our hearts into teeny tiny pieces by killing off main characters we thought would make it to the end.

Here’s our countdown of the most heartbreaking death scenes this Ramadan:


  1. Fawaz – Taye3:

This is probably the most tragic death scene this Ramadan. Fawaz is Taye3’s younger brother who was shot dead all of a sudden. Harby, Taye3’s enemy, shot the innocent young boy when he wanted Taye3 to bring his beloved Mohga in order to kill her so he would save Fawaz and the rest of his family. What makes this scene really sad is that it was unexpected, as we all expected Mohga to die, not Fawaz!


  1. Reem – Ded Maghol:

This scene kept us crying our hearts out for days after watching it. Nada’s daughter got raped by a stranger who forced his entry into the house after ringing the doorbell. She then arrived home to find her daughter’s dead body on the ground drowning in blood. The scene was really shocking as the incident happened while the girl was talking to her mother on the phone.


  1. Eissa – Abu Omar El Masry:

Everything about this scene made us weep. Eissa was shot in his arm by one of Samir El Abd’s men, who later arrived and directly shot Eissa’s head while taking his last breath. The fact that Eissa was shot dead instead of Fakhr is quite aching; he wasn’t the one Samir El Abd intended to murder.

  1. Asser – Ladayna Aqual Okhra:

This death scene deeply affected us because it’s a situation we’re most likely to hear about in our everyday life. Amira Mansour had a flashback of the day her son died due to a car accident. He died when he was trying out the new car his mother got him, while fastening the seatbelt. The scene where she saw him die immediately right after the accident is really painful.


  1. Mohga – Taye3:                                                            Despite the fact that probably most of us expected her death, Mohga’s death scene shattered our hearts into pieces. It was sorrowful to the extent that we can’t imagine the series without her. She died simply because Taye3 trusted Harby who promised he won’t kill her, but unfortunately he deceived them.


Series go on without our beloved characters and more is yet to come. We advise you to have your tissue box handy before watching any future episodes.