Relationships don’t get ruined overnight. When a relationship falls apart, it’s not a result of a fight that happened the night before, or a look that some stranger gave your significant other that made you jealous. One fight is never the reason behind a relationship failure, but rather multiple signs you need to look out for and fix.

1. You’re constantly bored

Boredom is a phase that any relationship goes through, sometimes more than once. It’s totally normal to get to a point where you feel bored. We get it, you go out to the same place especially if you see each other daily; or you don’t go out at all if you are married. When you go out, you order the same food every time, sit with the same people, gossip about others who didn’t join and then go back home. And repeat Every. Single. Day. Routine has the power to kill anything believe me, that’s probably why you hate your 9 to 5 job. Save your relationship before you start hating it as well. If you are not married, you don’t have to see each other daily. If you are, do something spontaneous. Take the day off and plan a good evening for your hubby/wifey. Go out to some place different. Make new friends. Give yourselves time to catch up with your friends without the other being around.

2. You’re taking your partner for granted

Not the cheesy lovey dovey way, but a more serious one. You actually stopped doing what you used to do to make him/her fall for you. This doesn’t have to be getting them gifts every time you see them or sending them love messages during the day. On the contrary, it might be that you stopped listening to them when they have something to say. You stopped asking him/her how his/her day went, and you stopped sharing how yours was. It’s the little most non-materialistic things that can turn your relationship upside down if they started to disappear.

3. You don’t say the entire truth

“I met my best friends for coffee and then went to the movies afterwards.” You omitted that part of the day when you saw your ex in the coffee place and caught up on how things have been in your relationship. Sorry hun, but half truths are lies. If you truly believe that what you did is ok, why did you feel the urge to hide it? Not telling your partner that you bumped into your ex will only make him/her more suspicious of your feelings when he finds out by accident. Believe me nothing stays unsaid; he/she will know.

4.You tell your parents EVERYTHING

Whether you are married or not, all your parents need to know when you’re in a relationship is that you are happy with your partner. THAT’S IT! They don’t need to know that you fought last night because you burnt the rice. Why? Because you will kiss and make up and forget all about it, but your parents won’t. Parents will hold grudges against your partner, and that will turn your life into a living nightmare later on. Ladies, you are married now and you are your husbands’ responsibility. You don’t need your mom’s permission whenever you go out and come back.

5. You are getting defensive

Whenever your partner says that you did something that pissed him/her off a little, you storm off “maho asl enta/y elly khaletni a…..” Give yourself time to hear your partner out. Listen to what they have to say and then reply, maybe they have every right to be mad at you. Appreciate that they talked to you about what pissed them off instead of bottling it in and exploding in your face the next time you piss them off without paying attention.

Save your relationship! Communication is key; talk to your significant other about how you feel and ask them how they feel. Listen to them when they talk, not to reply, but rather to know what they are going through. Never stop doing what it took to make him/her like you. At the end of the day, it’s your relationship. If you don’t want to make the effort to save it, no one will.