Summer holiday is already here, and it’s time for bookworms to finally shine. The time to brush the dust off your bookshelves has finally come! Here are 5 signs you probably notice on your bookworm friend!

1 #Tsundoku

Yeah, there is a Japanese word for purchasing a large number of books and piling them up without reading them. People may find it a little bit weird, but bookworms find utter happiness in seeing their bookshelves clustered with lots of books. There is a pleasure in doing so, and no one will comprehend it except for other fellow bookworms.

2 #Biblichor

Some fellows have used the word “Biblichor”, which means the fluids that flow in God’s veins,” to describe the smell of books. Smelling books is bookworms’ way of taking drugs. If you have a friend who is obsessed with books, then do not be surprised if he or she goes to a bookstore just to flip through the books and smell them.

3 #SettingTheRules

If you are willing to borrow a book from any book lover, you should prepare yourself for the list of rules you will be required to follow. Bookworms treat their books as if they are their little babies, so they will expect you to do the same. Bending pages and eating or drinking while reading a book is totally forbidden.
If you do not abide by their rules, you will literally lose their trust forever. There are no second chances when it comes to books.

4 #TheNecessaryTool


Highlighted Section of Book ca. 2001

While reading a book, bookworms always keep highlighters handy. A highlighter is an essential tool during the whole reading process. Marking your favorite quotes is a pleasure that no one should underestimate. And let’s not forget about the bookmarks as well!

5 #TheInhaleandExhale

Have you ever closed a book while reading it for a couple of seconds to contemplate how aesthetically pleasing it is? If you are a bookworm at heart, then you must have gone through this experience more than once in your life. It is the little things that writers do to take readers to another universe which is constructed upon artistic imagination. This is why bookworms consider reading as their source of escapism.

These are some of the signs every bookworm can definitely relate to. Tell us which one applies to you.