If you’re new in the whole dating game and worried you might end up with a narcissist or are already half-way into a relationship and started to question your partner’s behavior, read on as this article may prove to be a lifesaver!

Since people are usually drawn to narcissists because they are overly charming and charismatic, here are 5 red flags to help you easily spot one.

Disclaimer: Narcissism is a spectrum disorder. While some cases may be mild and fixable, others tend to go so far that it turns into a personality disorder. So, if you feel you can relate to some of the signs here, please DON’T PANIC. This means you’re still on the safe side, since this article is mainly about the first type.

#1 A Love Bombing Beginning

The first red flag you need to spot is probably how fast things are going between the two of you. Coming off too strong is a hallmark for narcissists. When the sugary period is over, things will start going downhill.

#2 Self-Centered is His Middle Name

A surefire way to recognize a narcissist is by observing the topics he’s interested in. If he seems mostly interested in himself and is not so invested in following up with you or your news, A NARCISSIST!

#3 Mr. Always Right

If arguing with him and getting him to own up to his actions seems like a new sequel of Mission Impossible, then it’s a clear cut sign of narcissism. Remember, good communication is indicative of a healthy relationship.

#4 Commitment Issues Extravaganza

If he’s always finding ways around officially referring to you as a couple, that’s a major red flag, sister! A narcissist fears engaging in an exclusive relationship, and will most likely try and keep the status quo with you while keeping an eye out for others.

#5 He Won’t Break Up!

Finally, if you come to the realization that you’re in a toxic relationship and try to run for your life, a narcissist won’t let go that easily. He will go the extra mile to try and talk you out of it.


If you read this article and feel like something in your gut just sank, you might want to reconsider your relationship. Know your worth and decide whether you want to invest time and energy to save your relationship or call it quits.