No matter how much we tell ourselves we are going to “finally get it together,” our busy lives always force us into making unhealthy life choices, like ordering fast food, again. Even though we all know it is so important to take care of our health, it is easy to forget to actually do them. Here are five simple reminders of things you can do to be healthier this week:

1. Drink water even if you are not thirsty:

Water can help control calories, energize muscles, hydrate the skin,  protect the body from cancer and other diseases, and is considered as a brain booster. Now that winter is upon us and we are not sweating every second of our lives like in the Egyptian summer, you might forget that your body still needs a steady flow of water.

2. Listen to your body:

When you’re running around living your life, sometimes you want to ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Don’t. Stay in tune with your body with even the little things, like being too tired, or your eyes being stressed, or when you need to get up and stretch more at your desk job.

3. Don’t keep your phone next to you while sleeping:

Being on your phone right before you go to bed can make it harder to fall asleep or get quality sleep when you eventually do. A good habit is to invest in an alarm clock and charge your phone outside.

4. Start your workout by warming up and end with stretching your muscles:

This is to avoid any injuries that could disrupt your workout routines. Maybe you feel like you don’t have time, but it is worth the investment.

5. Don’t follow a diet regimen; aim to eat healthy food to maintain a healthy living:

Try to have fun and appreciate a healthy living lifestyle. Many people may misinterpret that healthy food is the same as following a diet plan, while in fact dieting doesn’t necessarily mean selecting healthy food. When snacking, pick healthy options. These are things like nuts, fruits, and almonds instead of other snacks. Know what to eat and when to eat it, opt for food with colors especially the reds, oranges, and greens.

By the end, try to be friendly and surround yourself with healthy and positive people, who always aim at making their life and your life better. Also, don’t forget to smile, smiling stimulates the brain and can even put you in a good mood.