By Habiba El-Hadidi

We all know, as Egyptians, we’re super social beings. Most of our activities tend to revolve around hanging out with friends or engaging in some other form of group activity. But that doesn’t mean Cairo has nothing to offer its solo explorers out there!

Here are a bunch of activities you can enjoy solo in the city even if you’ve never thought about hanging out on your own:

Wall Climbing

If you’re up for a challenge, you can go test your stamina and fitness at Egypt’s only indoor climbing wall. Finger Lock in Gold’s Gym (5th Settlement Branch) is a 12m tall climbing wall with an amazing view of the South 90 Street. 

Visit an Animal Shelter

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A very hidden treasure at ESMA – forever to remain undiscovered? In one of the back enclosures of ESMA dog shelter, she comes out of her hiding place and looks at me with those eyes, while I am greeted by the other dogs with untamed enthusiasm. I know her already since more than three years. This little neat baladi girl! I named her CHLOE, because I felt, that she had an air of elegance and a refined way, which is so very not baladi. She looks not one day older, than on the first day, I saw her. And she is still so fine. Even in the muddy enclosure, not one speck of dirt on her lovely coat, her little collar still as clean and fresh, as if I just put it on her! She is a delightful little dog: small, neat, and so well behaved! Her eyes say, tat she wants to come, but she knows, that the jealous and passionate Nina, who is going all out in her joy of seeing me, throwing herself against me, hugging and giving wild kisses, will attack her and chase her away. So, she is watching from her hiding place until I can divert Nina for some moments, comes quickly and calmly to get her share of caresses and back scratches, being tender and kind, and disappearing so quickly again in her hiding place, when Nina and Nino return. I can see her so well, this pretty little lady, in a cute harness, daintily accompanying her person everywhere, calmly and lovingly, resting then in a clean, comfy doggie bed, and gracefully taking treats from the hands of her human. This is my dream for her, which will never come true. But maybe, just maybe, someone who sees this, would like to uncover this hidden treasure a little more and woul sponsor her and have her news and pictures? Or maybe, someone is just looking for a neat little lady dog with impeccable manners, like Chloe? You can help to support the costs of running our shelter by sponsoring one of our cats or dogs until they are adopted, which helps to offset the costs of food, medical care, and housing. With more than 1000 animals currently at our shelter, your monthly donation of a minimum of LE 600 (£35, $40, €35), payable on the first of each month, goes a long way in enabling us to provide for them, and there is no limit to the numb

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If you want to do something useful and relaxing at the same time, you can consider visiting one of Cairo’s many animal shelters. ESMA, APF animal shelter and Little Paws are to name a few. If you’re not sure how to reach any of them, check their website for contacts.

VR Gaming

Like gaming but you do it all the time already? Then you might be up for a slight change. With VR gaming, you’ll have all the joy regular gaming provides in addition to one extraordinary immersive experience. There are a few places in Cairo that offer VR gaming; a couple in 5th Settlement, one in Heliopolis, and one in Maadi.

Go Kayaking

Did you know that Cairo has a Nile Kayak Club? For those who don’t know, it’s located in Maadi’s The Platform. The idea of Kayaking might have never crossed your mind before, but trust us once you go and watch the picturesque sunset over the Nile, you’ll regret not going earlier!

Horseback Riding 

Turns out there are lot of places where you can learn horseback riding, or just go to have a ride for the day.  A few places are Ruya Riding Center in Sheikh Zayed, Cairo Horse Riding School, and Stallion Equestrian Center in El Obour.

Go to a Spa

Had a difficult week and need to de-stress? Treat yourself to a relaxing massage in a luxurious spa. No matter how difficult your week was, a soothing massage will help you feel a lot better. Ever thought about it? 

So if you already like doing things solo, what is your favorite solo activity? If not, what solo activity would you go for now? Please let us know!