Morning coffee craving has become a lifestyle. Each morning on your way to work or college, we just wish for a rich aroma cup of that caffeine boost! We have nothing to think about except those green Starbucks cup in hand with those rich flavors and multiple options to choose from. One may agree it’s a bit expensive, but we still like to pamper ourselves every now & then.

The point here is that Starbucks asks you for the name to label your cup so they can call you whenever your order is ready. Without a doubt, Egyptian names can leave you startled from sa3deya to gorgetta, but that doesn’t give anyone the excuse to mistype your name that changes it into a completely inappropriate word!

Here are the Five Times Egyptian Starbucks employees failed to label the cups and left their customers wanting to commit suicide!

1. Amal won’t drink poop!

We can understand if the workload in Starbucks enforces their employees to work in a very fast mode, but it’s not okay for Amal to be enjoying her ‘anal’ Frappucino in front of the whole office, especially if it’s a Chocolate Frappuccino. it just adds to the gross idea, think about it!

2. Poussy didn’t see that coming!

We again can understand that we don’t expect Starbucks to know how to spell our nicknames, but again we don’t want the employees to put their porn addiction into our cups if you get what I mean!

3. Gad is straight everyone!

Sometimes the markers the Starbucks employees use are too thick to be even readable, and you find the delivery employee struggling to read the name, but when one letter typo gets the guy shouting ‘gay’ at you loudly, you just want to leave the order and just go home!

4. Not all Heba-s are the Same.

From time to time, the Starbucks employees like to add their own touches to the concept, more of a smiley or something. When it gets out of hand, it kinda gets perverted! This guy or as we all know Ahmed el taba3 comes to life, the Ya – added to Heba is no more cute anymore!

5. Bed- is not a human being’s name for sure!

We expect the least thinking process from a Starbucks employee…The least use of brains. When Serene orders a cup of coffee and gets sereer on her cup, it just leaves you wondering if the guy taking order needs to use more of those brains up there!

No matter what, we will always forgive those guys because they give us the most delicious coffee everyday and they literally don’t get any rest. Egyptians also seem to be adding the weirdest things to their orders, like two flavors into one cup ,or even two coffee shots one caf and one decaf, and those employees have to deal with all this circus and still welcome you in with a smile. We just hope you make sure we don’t have to hide our cups, because they are too costly to have to enjoy them in the backyard!