The concept of “Stereotyping” is not new to Egyptian films and series. Naturally, we get a handful in Ramadan.

It appears that writers find it easier to employ stereotypes rather than creating individualistic and somewhat complex characters.

In an attempt to fight those stereotypes, let’s take a look at some of the consistent stereotypes in characters we so unwillingly see in Ramadan!

The “Fat” Lady

It’s 2020 and people in show business still think it’s funny to have the staple of a plus-sized actress undermined and ridiculed in every series. Seriously, who finds this funny?

Abusive Husband & Submissive Wife

Medhat and Mariam in “Forsa Tanya” are not the first toxic combo we’ve seen in Egyptian productions; nor will they be the last if someone doesn’t call them out on it.

Why is it that women always have to be presented as docile and weak against abusive husbands? Why can’t we empower females by giving examples of resilient women for a change?

The Damsel in Distress

We’ve had high hopes for “Lama Kona Soghayareen” and we can’t say we’re disappointed, just yet. But we’ll definitely be if the plot’s focal point turns out to be Yassin (Khaled El Nabawy) saving the hopeless and naive “Donya” played by Riham Haggag!

The Drug Addict

And of course, the classical stereotype of the innocent-looking guy seduced by a female drug dealer and gone bad. This year’s edition, Khaled Anwar and Jumana Mourad in Khyanet Ahd!

The Savior

Is it really Ramadan without the old tale of the greedy kids fighting over their father’s inheritance and Mohamed Ramadan emerging as the family guy to the rescue? Give or take a few details. EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

That sounds about right, we probably covered it, huh?