Big Families

Having a big family is pretty cool. But, we have to admit it: Not at all times. As much as coming from a big family means finding love and helping hands everywhere, still, there are some cons that come with that.

Here are the 5 struggles people with big families will relate to:


Ever been in the bathroom and someone just casually barged in? Well, big families will understand.

Sometimes, it happens when my friends are over. Like, my grandmother would casually open the door, then, coldly apologize as if it was nothing. It’s funny, sometimes. But, not when my friends are here,” said Nour Ahmed, 20.

Not only that, because the struggle of not being able to talk to your friend/lover on the phone without someone’s ear pressed against the door, is also real.

#2 Heavy Gossip / Family Drama

Well, we all know it. When you have a big family, the chances of them gossiping about each other are very high. And sometimes, you’ll find yourself stuck in the middle of it all.

Which is not a pretty scene!

Both of my aunts always have a feud going on. And because I’m kinda close to both of them, there’s not a day that goes by without me hearing horrible stuff about each of them from the other. The worst moment is when one of them tries to push me to know stuff about the other and tell her,” Eman, 19.

Actually, sometimes that escalates on a much bigger scale. You’d have two sides of a big family not talking to each other, and suddenly, you’re stuck in the middle of having to decide who to spend Eid with, for example.

#3 Big Gatherings’ Roasts

It’s always nice to spend Fridays with family. With all the fun and laughs. However, if you have a big family, the chances of a number of them making fun of the way you talk, dress up or even your job are incredibly high.

In the old days, I used to laugh when my uncle made fun of my ripped jeans in front of 28 other people. It’s a joke, in the end. But nowadays, for some reason, some of my family members think it’s fine to roast me over my weight as we have dinner,” Anonymous, 26.

Being roasted in family gatherings is indeed not a beautiful scene. And most of the time, they just don’t know when to stop.

#4 Traveling with Friends? Haha

The Summer season is one of the worst times to have a big family. We’re not even kidding. We’re pretty sure many of you have gone through the process of trying to make a trip with your friends work, because you’re tied down to five different scheduled travels with several members of your family.

And turning them down would result in them getting mad at you, with the possibility of cutting all ties with you. For real!

The same thing happens to me, every single summer. My dad’s side would want us to go with them for five days to the North Coast. While my mom’s side always takes us away for seven days to Hurghada. And if I say no to any of them due to a trip I agreed on with friends, hell will break loose,” Mariam, 22.

#5 Small Occasions

Yes, most occasions call for big numbers. However, sometimes a tiny gathering with your loved ones is a nice idea. And some other times, inviting specific people for a specific event is a normal thing to do.

That being said, with big families, you can’t always do that. Because how the hell can you invite your cousins to your birthday gathering/Erayet Fatha but not your second cousins?

The key to avoiding feuds with your big family is including everyone in anything so no one gets mad at you. Since, one: Word travels fast; second: You either invite all of them or none of them.

Tell us, do you come from a big family? If so, do you struggle with the same things?