While giving birth is pretty much a given for the most part, most girls think the way it goes is that they will find a partner, get married, have kids and live happily. The truth of the matter is that sometimes you are not told about the surprises that come along the way with motherhood. Among those inevitable surprises are:

#1 Your relationship with your partner completely changes:

Before kids, a relationship is mostly fun; you are inseparable, you talk all the time and it pretty much feels like you are high school sweethearts! After kids, however, both of you constantly at odds. Even if you both wished for a baby, life with a little one puts enormous strain on the bond with your partner and it feels as though your relationship is at a drop. Don’t fret, though, studies have shown that after that first exhausting and stressful stretch with a baby, couples state that their relationship rebounded and grew stronger than ever before.


#2 You may look different

While most moms experience the brunt of changes like wider hips, stretched-out tummies, burgeoning the deflating breasts, and even bigger feet, many told us that looking different doesn’t matter all that much to them and that they’re proud of their post-baby bellies and other “battle scars.” Also, most of time, you lose track of time and forget eating and with all the exercises you baby makes you do within the first couple of years with a little bit of exercise of your own, you probably will lose all the excess weight you’ve gained.


#3 You’ll make “mistakes” you never anticipated!

Most parents enter into parenthood determined to follow certain tenets, then be surprised that their babies have their own ideas and preferences. “Mistakes”  can be what happens when you find that what works for you and your child isn’t what you had imagined at all. Roll with whatever comes your way. Don’t stress it.


#4 Even your lifelong friendships will change

More often than not, you will find that your friends are either in the clubbing phase or are married but are still clubbing with their husbands. Whatever the phase is, as long as you are not in same phases, your friends will drift away. It can be hard for girlfriends who aren’t going through the same thing to relate to constant talk of pregnancy or babies, or to be able to understand how little time and energy is left for their mommy friends. Never lose faith, good friendships can make it through life changes, and those are the most worthy of friendships.


#5 You’ll be stronger than you ever thought possible

Before giving birth, you probably wouldn’t have been able to function if you hadn’t had enough sleep; however one mom said “I’ve been shocked by what I’m capable of, I never knew I could function — and run around all day chasing two children — on three hours of sleep and a granola bar.” Of course, giving birth and labor is one of the hardest thing a woman can experience and well, you can do that too! Whatever the chaallenges, new mothers find themselves pushing through and doing everything pretty well even when exhausted.