By Yara lofty

Let’s be honest around here, we’ve all made the mistake of buying every single thing that looked cool on an online website. And we swore we’d use it all the time, but now it’s just chilling around in our houses, probably collecting dust – mocking us.

Here are 5 things Egyptian women tend to buy, but usually never use:

1- Cookbooks

Women get hyped by the printed cookbooks that are stacked on their bookshelves. However, we usually end up forgetting to even check them when we want to prepare a new dish or look up a new recipe. Instead, we find ourselves “googling’ it instead, which is a lot easier and faster, right?

2- Home Exercise Equipment

Buying a treadmill or weights are a good starting point to get in the perfect shape. But will the treadmill or bicycle machine in the basement motivate you enough? We don’t really think so. That’s why they eventually become a part of the house decor and often remain untouched.  

3- Online Subscription

From online newspapers to premium TV services, it’s super easy to get out the credit card and press subscribe. But are you really going to read your hometown newspapers online? Or learn how to get the perfect match when you switch your Tinder account into premium? No, since many will even forget to open and check every now and then. 

4- Skin Products

Skincare products and makeup are the number one item on women’s self-care lists. As a result of following Instagram accounts and YouTube channels with makeup tutorials and skincare routines and reviews, women tend to excessively buy products online and leave them hanging in the bathroom for months.

5- Planners and Journals

While scrolling through online websites, planners and journals become exactly what is needed to get work done and manage deadlines. But at some point, tracking the deadlines and assignments is way better on mobile calendars and even easier since there is no need to always carry around a book and a pen. Not to mention that not everyone actually ends up using planners in their daily life!

Since many of us fall into this trap of buying things online that we end up forgetting to use, we should think twice before making this consumption mistake. Shop all you want, but make sure you use the products!